The steel used for making the mold bases, upon arrival from the steel mill, is appropriately stress-relieved to prevent deformations during machining and provide additional guarantees of safety and product quality. Types of steel always in stock include: 1730 (DIN Standard), 2738 Quenched and Tempered, 2085 Stainless Quenched and Tempered, Other types available upon request.

Standard Mold Bases

We offer a wide range of standard plates for plastic injection and die-casting of light alloys, ensuring exceptional and long-lasting performance.

Special Mold Bases

Upon request from companies, we manufacture custom processing plates that are created through tailored processes based on the customer’s design.

Standardized Components

We market components used for the assembly of plates:

  • columns bushings
  • ejectors screws
  • date stamps
  • centering rings
  • injection nozzles.


Our accessories enhance the quality and precision of mold base construction:

  • hooks and releases
  • extraction return
  • sliding guides
  • locking pins gears.


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