Our Machinery

The Machinery section of TVMP represents the pinnacle of excellence in the production and machining of machinery for the mold industry. Founded in 1972, TVMP has consistently expanded its range of standard and custom products, using cutting-edge technologies and highly specialized personnel. Computerized work centers enable the production of high-precision interchangeable mold bases, using top-quality materials. The ISO9001 certification attests to TVMP’s commitment to quality. Thanks to a robust national distribution network, the company ensures maximum customer satisfaction by providing TVMP-branded products that meet the specific needs of each customer.

Steel Warehouse and Cutting Department

1,200 sqm for steel sheet storage, 2m x 6m, in open space plus 1,000 sqm covered.

Materials include 1.1730, 1.2738, and 1.2085, all pre-stretched to reduce deformation.

The facility utilizes vertical and horizontal band saws for cutting standard and special plates, comprising one horizontal and three vertical band saws.

Programming Department

The office houses 4 stations for programming work centers.

Specialized technicians prepare the machinery programs, setting the processing stages and tools to be used, and consult with the client to decide on the necessary tolerances for each process.

Milling Department

1,000 square meters house robust CNC milling machines for high material removal rates at 3 and 5 axes.

The milling machines are used for preparing standard catalog plates and for pre-processing customer-commissioned material based on drawings.

2 CNC machining centers with 6 pallets – 2 CNC machining centers with 2 pallets, one of which is 5-axis.

Deep Drilling Department

In the department, there are dual-head horizontal CNC machining centers for performing deep drilling operations (holes for conditioning, air, and oil).

Thanks to this technology, smooth holes are obtained, thereby reducing scale formation in the circuits.

The second spindle is used for tapping, threading, counterboring, and engraving if specified on the model.

4 CNC machining centers are available.

Grinding Department

The area is equipped with various tangential grinders, both longitudinal and circular.

Special and standard plates are ground to a surface roughness of RA 0.08 with thickness precision according to the tolerances required by the customer.

3 longitudinal pallet-changing grinders – 2 circular grinders – 1 single-table portal grinder

1 single-table grinder

Finishing Department

In an area of 1500 square meters, precision machining centers are positioned, allowing for 3-5 axis operations as per customer specifications, verified with suitable instrumentation.

2 horizontal CNC machining centers with 10 pallets – 2 vertical CNC machining centers with 2 pallets – 5 vertical CNC machining centers with 3 axes

1 vertical CNC machining center with 5 axes

Measurement Department

The area is equipped with a measuring instrument for the measurement of plates.

If the customer requests certification of the plate dimensions, it is possible to provide it by issuing a control report.

Warehouse and Shipping Department

Storage of finished standard products and a vertical warehouse are located adjacent to the shipping area, occupying approximately 1,000 square meters.


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